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Centrify Corporation

Centrify enables organizations to strengthen security, enhance compliance efforts, and reduce operational costs by centrally managing their heterogeneous systems and applications using Active Directory. Centrify's solutions address the needs of IT organizations for IT Security & Compliance, UNIX & Linux Identity Management, Mac OS Desktop Management, and SAP & Web Single Sign-On. The Centrify Suite centrally secures cross-platform data centers through Active Directory-based identity and access management of the industry's widest range of heterogeneous systems, hypervisors and applications. Over 2000 organizations, including over 40% of the Fortune 50, have adopted Centrify's cost-effective approach to access control, privilege management and auditing of their physical and virtual infrastructure. Built on an integrated architecture that leverages our patented technology, the Centrify Suite of solutions enables organizations to reduce IT expense and complexity, improve end-user productivity through single sign-on, strengthen security and enhance regulatory compliance initiatives. Key components of the Centrify Suite include integrated authentication, access control, role-based privilege management, user-level auditing and server protection solutions, consisting of Centrify DirectControl, Centrify DirectAuthorize, Centrify DirectAudit, Centrify DirectSecure, and Centrify DirectManage. Centrify was founded in March 2004 by Tom Kemp, our Chief Executive Officer and a former co-founder of NetIQ, and is led by a team of senior executives and technical managers from industry leaders such as NetIQ, Microsoft, Computer Associates, Novell, Legato, Netscape and others. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Centrify is a privately held company with backing by top-tier venture capital firms Mayfield, Accel Partners, INVESCO Private Capital and Sigma Partners. Our partners include Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, VMware, Apple and others.
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Centrify Corporation
Phone :
+1 (408) 542-7500

Address :
785 N. Mary Avenue
Suite 200
Sunnyville, CA

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