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Storage Usability: A Critical Requirement for IT in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

White Paper Published By: EMC
Published:  Apr 12, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

The IT function in small and midsized businesses (SMB’s) as well as department and remote offices in the enterprise – Suffers many of the same dynamics as more classic IT centers, just on a smaller scale.  They evolve from a few server/application based systems then add additional systems for business applications, email, file share and backup.

Growing backup and data protection requirements result in additional management complexity costs and the individual tagged with managing/supporting all this is typically an IT generalist who focuses on application, with limited knowledge and experience in storage technologies.  

In today’s challenging business environment a more highly optimized approach to IT sprawl is required and reducing storage complexity is a major hurdle however given the proper tools and smart storage solutions an IT generalist can set up and use storage pools with a focus on managing information at the application level – without having to be a storage expert.  

EMC’s new VNXe series storage systems in conjunction with the companies Unisphere storage management is designed to address IT staffs demand for substantially improved usability in storage solutions for medium businesses.  

They feature:

  • Inherently flexible (supporting both block and file based access)
  • Embedded advanced storage capabilities
  • Simple “application optimized” capacity provisioning and management
  • Highly visual diagnostic management and support  
EMC‘s VNXe series is a significant step forward in delivering efficient storage solutions optimized for consolidation and virtualization.