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Compressing the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle for B2B Companies

White Paper Published By: The Mx Group
The Mx Group
Published:  May 08, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

Most organizations spend significant time and money on generating leads, but overlook the need to manage them. As a result, Lead Management often becomes a “black hole” between the marketing and sales departments.

Understanding the differences between the separate and distinct stages in the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle and developing best-practice efforts around them is critical in creating a highly effective marketing program.

The Mx Group’s latest e-Book, Compressing the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle, focuses on the second stage of the process: Lead Management. It provides strategic and tactical recommendations for helping you:

  • Avoid losing potential leads
  • Convert leads to customers through a strategic lead management system
  • Actively engage your sales team and channel partners
  • Provide higher close ratios
  • Compress your sales cycle in order to generate more sales for your organization

In Compressing the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle, you’ll learn how to define a process for qualifying, fulfilling, nurturing and tracking leads. You'll also be able to build a more information-rich marketing database, and ultimately realize greater ROI for your marketing efforts.