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> CDW > Webinar: Tiering Storage for Savings, Performance and Availability

Webinar: Tiering Storage for Savings, Performance and Availability

Webinar Published By: CDW
Published:  Sep 17, 2014
Type:  Webinar

You are being buried by data. Multimedia including videos, audio and photos. Unstructured data in presentations, documents and social media feeds. Even the voicemails and databases that used to be the primary residents of your storage system are growing beyond your ability to manage them effectively. How can you keep it all under control without buying an endless stream of disk and storage devices? 

Experts from EMC and other leading storage manufacturers discuss the very latest trends in storage solutions and how an effective application of storage strategy can help tame the information beast and keep performance and availability issues at bay. 

Attendees will learn: 
- What are the hidden drivers in storage growth 
- How businesses of all sizes can benefit from a tiered storage strategy 
- Why virtualization is penetrating every level of IT 
- What role SSD and flash will play in every storage environment 
- What to do now to improve storage utilization and save costs