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Dense Computing - Consider Convergence

White Paper Published By: Dell EMC
Dell EMC
Published:  Nov 02, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  2 pages

In a traditional data center, computing power typically comes in rack mounted servers of various configurations and form factors, often coupled with a virtualization solution to increase management efficiency and application availability. In conjunction with servers, racks also hold other IT assets such as networking switches and storage arrays.

While this architecture has been widely adopted and has been proven successful, the benefits gained by virtualization can be lost to server and virtual machine sprawl, distributed management, and inefficient use of these resources as the data center scales out over time. Another trend IT managers are struggling with is limited data center space to host these assets. This can create a problem with physical data center space limitations which are addressed by consolidation. 

Download this white paper to learn how dense computing delivers many measurable benefits when properly architected to address the needs of the organization.

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