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> Vectra Networks > It's Time for IDS to Detect Intrusions Again

It's Time for IDS to Detect Intrusions Again

White Paper Published By: Vectra Networks
Vectra Networks
Published:  Nov 05, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Intrusion Detection Systems have ceased to live up to their name and have lost their ability to spot today’s sophisticated intrusions.

Consequently, cyber attackers are taking advantage of it by launching more evasive and strategic threats that spread rapidly within networks. And security teams are left without the proper tools or insight to identify intrusions that pose the biggest risk.

This white paper analyzes traditional and new approaches to intrusion detection, and how they apply to today’s most advanced cyber attacks. It also covers:

  • The evolution and de-evolution of IDS
  • How IDS holds up against modern threats
  • The science behind new models of threat detection
  • Applying intelligence to all phases of an attack