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Mastering the Data Game: Accelerating Integration and Optimization

White Paper Published By: HealthLeaders Media
HealthLeaders Media
Published:  Nov 13, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

As a brain surgeon, healthcare researcher, and data scientist, Nicholas Marko, MD, is used to waiting years for research and data analytics breakthroughs to become actionable. Now, as chief data officer of Danville, PennsylvaniaĖbased Geisinger Health System, his wait time is decreasing rapidly. The future of big data and data analytics has arrived at Geisinger, with bench-to-bedside results happening at breakneck speed. In fact, innovation in data analytics is so fast that Marko says he spends half of his time addressing change management issues. But he isnít bothered in the least. Itís an exciting time for Marko, who oversees enterprise data strategy and heads up data analytics initiatives in critical areas such as genomics. Over the past few years, Geisinger has started generating sequence data on 100,000 patients. The organization is also doing advanced analytics in areas such as population health management, piloting a program that closes care gaps by scanning medical records to find inconsistent care management or missed medical appointments for patients who have chronic diseases. And thatís just the start.