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M2M & Internet of Healthcare Things

White Paper Published By: CradlePoint
Published:  May 17, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

New paradigms in healthcare IT provide care providers the best of both worlds: superior care with less overhead. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications automate previously manual processes, gather real-time data, and allows machines to communicate without human intervention. M2M technologies promise to create massive efficiencies and a transformed patient experience, both within and outside the provider’s walls. However, these technologies are largely untested and healthcare as an industry has traditionally lagged in its ability (and willingness) to adopt cutting-edge technology.

Healthcare organizations sit at a crossroads. Those that can find effective and safe ways to offer intelligent care services will find themselves at the forefront of an increasingly competitive field. Organizations that delay in implementing new technologies, or make poor IT investments, will fall behind — to the detriment of both their patients and their business operations.

This white paper explores considerations for choosing network solutions that ensure secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity for enabling mobile healthcare — anywhere. it also discusses the advantages of 4G LTE over traditional wired lines.