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How To Keep Refresher Training Interesting

White Paper Published By: Vivid Learning Systems
Vivid Learning Systems
Published:  Aug 26, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Maybe you’ve heard this: Workforce safety training is boring.

OSHA has more than 20 standards requiring annual training for employees exposed to certain hazards, which means that workers have to take the same training courses year after year. Annual training is also required for employees who have specific responsibilities, like work involving fire response teams, serving as a designated first aid provider, or where workers are members of underground construction teams. And if new machinery arrives or employees take on new jobs with exposure to different hazards, guess what? OSHA requires refresher training.

Many organizations fail to reenergize training topics annually because they don’t see the value of creating a different experience for a training topic. This is why workers begin to loath refresher training sessions. If you don’t mix up the training regimen or alter the experience in some way, an important part of your training program becomes stale and ineffective, wasting valuable time.

The challenge for many safety professionals is how to keep refresher training engaging, how to communicate the value of old training in a new way, to hold attention and meet the safety objective.

This short guide offers suggestions to improve the “refresher” training experience for your workforce, beyond creating a few new PowerPoint slides.