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Important Legal Issues Every HR Executive Should Know About

White Paper Published By: Skillsoft
Published:  Dec 15, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  17 pages

To many company leaders, compliance is not “sexy,” or even interesting. Some even consider paying fines and settling lawsuits for non-compliance as inevitable costs of doing business. But the authors of this ExecBlueprint respectfully disagree.

They describe how HR can partner with the business to develop compliance strategies that actually address the company’s objectives and culture — and save money in the process.

This should not, however, be a reactive endeavor that kicks in only when a new law is passed. Rather, HR should develop and house a “compliance infrastructure” that performs many invaluable functions, including researching applicable laws and weighing risks. HR drafts the policies and procedures, but the executive team gets the final say. Then HR educates managers and employees on not only the mechanics of compliance, but on why the policy has to exist in the first place. Finally, HR audits compliance efforts.

One practice is to ask front-line managers: How is the policy really being implemented? After all, surprises in the conference room are way better than surprises in the courtroom.

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