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audience culture

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Published By: Quantcast     Published Date: Jan 07, 2015
This white paper, published in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will explore and present a snapshot of how publishers, marketers and technologists are “going global” in their practice of programmatic audience development across each of 12 markets. Conclusions are derived through a combination of survey and interview data— encompassing feedback from more than 200 executive-level leaders in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
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programmatic audience development, marketing solutions, global marketing, audience culture, global branding, emerging marketing, marketing research
Published By: Vivid Learning Systems     Published Date: Jun 28, 2016
Safety professionals have varied responsibilities; often, no two days are the same. Whether you’re trying to create a safety procedure for something that has never been done before, or building consensus for an important safety initiative with management, you understand the busy, day-to-day scope of work in safety. This resource is a tool that I used nearly every day in my life as private sector safety pro to aid in daily decision making, prioritize tasks, and get to the heart of the matter. In fact, I still use this tool to explain safety management to newcomers to the profession, executives, and various other audiences. You’ll also receive bonus resources to help you keep safety top-of-mind and advance the safety culture for your organization… • Customizable Written Safety Program Template • Simple Training Requirements Checklist • Access to the 8-Minute OSHA Training Needs Assessment • Access to new I2P2 Safety Tip
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Vivid Learning Systems
Published By: Tyco Integrated Security     Published Date: Sep 10, 2015
Analytics inform, but the gut is what executives rely upon most — even in tech, according to a new study conducted by the FORTUNE Knowledge Group and gyro. While conventional wisdom and the codes of the high-tech world would indicate that “hard” elements, such as cost, quality and efficiency, are more compelling to this audience, new research shows that the opposite is true. When asked to share their feelings about what really drives their purchase decisions, high-tech executives revealed that “soft” factors, including company culture, reputation and level of trust, were what they relied on most to help them make decisions.
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Tyco Integrated Security

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