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Published By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Sep 25, 2013
Carrington Holding Company, LLC needed to implement a compliance and business training solution to reach more than 1,800 associates nationwide. Carrington's aggressive growth model required a much more scalable training solution than a traditional classroom-training model. Additionally, Carrington needed to onboard new employees with effective, consistent and engaging training. Learn how they succeeded in proving the value of elearning through rapid implementation, staff participation and measurable cost savings over classroom training.
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Published By: Kontiki     Published Date: Sep 16, 2014
Learn how to reach and engage remote employees within your organization and see how this will strengthen employee engagement, create personal connection with executives, and increase collaboration between teams and employees.
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employee engagement, adoptions trends, solutions, best practices, video webcasting, internal communication, company-wide participation
Published By: Aircycle     Published Date: May 27, 2015
One critical green practice for large companies to implement is universal waste (UW) recycling. We understand the importance of finding a program that meets your facility’s needs. A corporate UW recycling program can minimize recycling costs, help ensure company-wide compliance and participation, and provide the tools needed to measure recycling progress against goals. Recycling with a corporate program can also produce benefits like green marketing opportunities, reduced liability for improper disposal, and provide time-saving relief by working with one company versus several vendors. With Air Cycle, corporate UW recycling is a challenging green practice, made simpler for you.
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