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healthy balance

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Published By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Mar 03, 2015
This ExecBlueprint is written by CEOs who “get it,” i.e., the challenges CEOs face in maintaining a suitable work–life balance. These leaders are dedicated to their organizations, and work the requisite long hours, yet they all recognize the value — and necessity — of taking time out to nourish the rest of their lives.
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work-life balance, burnout, healthy balance, business practices, success strategies, coping mechanisms
Published By: Avetta     Published Date: Aug 08, 2017
Where will your business be in 10 years? 20? Longer? Will your organization still exist? Will it be healthy—or foundering? Is it possible to make any sort of realistic prediction regarding the matter? Maybe so. Of course, no one has a flawless crystal ball, and there are always things that can’t be anticipated, but the emerging business practice of sustainability accounting can give your organization a much more accurate idea of whether your business practices are contributing to continued growth—or an untimely demise. Unlike financial accounting, sustainability accounting is not a straightforward matter of balance sheets and dollar figures. It doesn’t even consistently involve quantifiable measures of performance. How, then, can you account for—and track the effectiveness of—your sustainability efforts? One way is to track your sustainability metrics via two metrics: 1. Leading indicators 2. Lagging indicators Want to learn how? Download this free white paper to find out!
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