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Published By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Sep 25, 2013
The USO is a nonprofit, congressionally chartered, private organization that supports America's troops and their families around the world. They turned to Skillsoft to build USO University for their employees, an effective solution to solve the organization's global learning, onboarding and compliance challenges. And, they achieved jaw-dropping results and ROI in just their first 6 months.
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Published By: Dell     Published Date: May 09, 2017
Productivity has become synonymous with revenue for many organizations. The theory is simple: The more your employees can get done, the more income they can generate. And yet data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the productivity level in the United States is actually fairly low, topping out at 3.1% in one quarter and going into negative digits in others over the past few years.1 This means labor productivity, measured in output per hour of labor, is low or—in many quarters—shrinking. Download this white paper from Dell and Intel® to learn more. Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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Published By: OneLogin     Published Date: Oct 24, 2017
We’re living through a time where people, organizations and societies not only rely but thrive upon secure, simple and fast access to information. From small businesses, startups, enterprises and global conglomerates across all verticals; to local, state and federal governments; to educational institutions and nonprofits, we are continuously investing in our employees, devices, applications, networks and infrastructure that enable us to drive our collective missions forward. Ten years ago, business and technology leaders catalyzed a cloud app revolution that has changed the way organizations manage IT. However, through this transformative shift, the core requirements of IT remain the same. Technology leaders are responsible for ensuring that 1) information assets remain confidential and protected, 2) information systems are available and operational, and 3) people are empowered and productive with the apps and information they need. IAM is a technology and security discipline that has
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Published By: Equity Administration Solutions Inc     Published Date: Jun 19, 2013
Granting equity to non-US employees? Then get a jump start on doing it right with the Ten Best Practices from EASi (Equity Administration Solutions, Inc.) and Baker & McKenzie.
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Equity Administration Solutions Inc
Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Nov 27, 2013
Fact: In the next three years, 53% of CFOs estimate that over half of their enterprise transactions will be delivered through the cloud, up from the 12 percent who use that delivery mechanism today. In addition to non-core business processes like project management and email, strategic CFOs are also starting to embrace the cloud to deliver core ERP processes, including financial management, human capital management, and procurement. Rather than view the cloud just as a cost-saving platform, they recognize the strategic benefits that the cloud delivers to get critical growth initiatives up and running quickly, whether that’s using the cloud to quickly upgrade to a new application, or delivering new mobile or analytical capabilities to employees.
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Published By: Skillsoft     Published Date: Dec 15, 2016
To many company leaders, compliance is not “sexy,” or even interesting. Some even consider paying fines and settling lawsuits for non-compliance as inevitable costs of doing business. But the authors of this ExecBlueprint respectfully disagree. They describe how HR can partner with the business to develop compliance strategies that actually address the company’s objectives and culture — and save money in the process. This should not, however, be a reactive endeavor that kicks in only when a new law is passed. Rather, HR should develop and house a “compliance infrastructure” that performs many invaluable functions, including researching applicable laws and weighing risks. HR drafts the policies and procedures, but the executive team gets the final say. Then HR educates managers and employees on not only the mechanics of compliance, but on why the policy has to exist in the first place. Finally, HR audits compliance efforts. One practice is to ask front-line managers: How is the po
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Published By: Tiny Pulse     Published Date: Dec 28, 2016
2016 saw a lot of change with employee engagement, as more and more companies realize the importance of investing in culture and professional development. However, with change comes a lot of tricky navigation on the road to success. With access to anonymous survey responses from employees at over 1,000 organizations worldwide, TINYpulse was in a unique position to review what factors that are driving employee engagement. After analyzing tens of thousands anonymous responses, we were able to make five predictions for employee engagement in 2017.
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Tiny Pulse
Published By: Tiny Pulse     Published Date: Jan 30, 2017
FREE CUSTOMIZED EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT REPORT ...for your organization conducted by TINYpulse Employee Engagement Consultants. Knowing and understanding employee happiness can be difficult. But with a custom survey from TINYpulse, you can get a gauge on this data and start making a meaningful difference in your employees’ lives. This is how it will work: • TINYpulse will personally work with you to deploy a pulse survey that will help you better understand how happy and engaged your employees are at work. • You can select from a number of default questions, like “On a Scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you refer someone to work here?” You can also add your own custom questions. • The suggestions and feedback received from your employees will remain anonymous, for their benefit and yours. • Once your employees have responded to the pulse survey, TINYpulse will walk with you through the data to give you a custom engagement report that provides insights into the current state of yo
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Tiny Pulse

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