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Published By: Polycom     Published Date: Apr 30, 2013
Wearable operational video (such as helmet cams), mobile cameras and sensors, and other visual technologies can provide crucial intelligence, which then can be gathered, communicated to personnel in disparate locations, and integrated to enable unified collaboration for public security responses. The possibility is emerging for a new generation of video applications that will enhance public security and disaster management.
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videoconferencing, telepresence, video application, real time video, intelligence, security, crisis management, technology
Published By: Vivid Learning Systems     Published Date: May 02, 2016
We’ve Got Your Back If you’re interested in moving your safety and compliance training online, you’re on the smart track. You already know that online training can solve a series of common problems for organizations, like centralizing training records, saving time and money, and simplifying reporting for compliance. That’s what training automation does—it makes life easier for safety and training professionals like you, and delivers a better experience to your workforce. Drawing from expertise across our company, we’ve compiled a set of essential questions, answers, and important considerations for anyone out there shopping around for an online training solution. From the CEO on down to the front desk, we asked our people to think not about our success stories, but about our failures, and try to explain what crossover clients wish they would’ve known before making a purchase and what we’ve learned after 20+ years in the business. Sincerely, we hope this guide helps you make a more inf
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Vivid Learning Systems
Published By: IntelliCentrics, Inc.     Published Date: Nov 10, 2014
What does it take to improve population safety? The safest hospitals maintain the vigilant attitude needed to prevent hazards at their facilities. And it starts at the top.
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IntelliCentrics, Inc.
Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Jun 05, 2018
Cybersecurity threats are an unfortunate reality for industry everywhere. How do you protect your business while still embracing new technologies that enable you to grow and deliver the best possible results? Robust cybersecurity protection is a must, as well as rigorous mindset, policies, and methodologies. Download the whitepaper to learn more.
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cybersecurity, smart control, empowered operators, optimized assets, future of automation, reliability, safety, operational profitability, ecostruxure plant, process automation
Schneider Electric
Published By: Vivid Learning Systems     Published Date: Feb 26, 2016
True story... There was a company that was spending between $1.2—$1.4 million dollars each year on workers compensation costs, over a number of years. By encouraging injury reporting early and for all injuries (while less severe and less costly), by implementing a return-to-work program, and by starting an earnest safety training program, that business reduced its’ workers compensation costs to $850,000 in one year. The only real question for most small business owners is, ‘How much will I be paying?’ That’s not an easy question answer, so here’s some fast context...
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Vivid Learning Systems
Published By: Dräger     Published Date: Nov 19, 2014
Download this free quick reference infographic to view the results from Dräger's 2014 Oil & Gas Safety Survey which reveals top roadblocks and steps toward greater safety.
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safety, survey, oil, gas, dräger
Published By: Zebra Technologies     Published Date: Sep 07, 2017
In the age of evolving shopper expectations and technology advancements, the global retail industry is in the midst of a profound shift in retail operations. To gain a deeper understanding of retailers’ focus, concerns and investment plans, Zebra conducted a global research study across a wide spectrum of retail segments, including: specialty stores, department stores, apparel merchants, supermarkets, electronics, home improvement and drugstore chains. The results of this study are shared in this 2017 Retail Vision Study.
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inventory management, staff communication, guest safety, guest security, mobile ordering, payment solutions, loyalty/membership/rewards, access card printers, state of the hospitality industry, smart data dives, automating convenience, the personalization equation, location technologies, key qr code applications, customer service, customer satisfaction
Zebra Technologies
Published By: ProntoForms     Published Date: Oct 11, 2017
The 2017 Safety Automation & Technology Trends Survey, sponsored by ProntoForms, was launched in early July 2017 by EHS Daily Advisor. The responses paint a real-world picture of how safety professionals are using new technologies to manage the many challenges that they face every day.
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Published By: Vivid Learning Systems     Published Date: Jun 28, 2016
Safety professionals have varied responsibilities; often, no two days are the same. Whether you’re trying to create a safety procedure for something that has never been done before, or building consensus for an important safety initiative with management, you understand the busy, day-to-day scope of work in safety. This resource is a tool that I used nearly every day in my life as private sector safety pro to aid in daily decision making, prioritize tasks, and get to the heart of the matter. In fact, I still use this tool to explain safety management to newcomers to the profession, executives, and various other audiences. You’ll also receive bonus resources to help you keep safety top-of-mind and advance the safety culture for your organization… • Customizable Written Safety Program Template • Simple Training Requirements Checklist • Access to the 8-Minute OSHA Training Needs Assessment • Access to new I2P2 Safety Tip
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Vivid Learning Systems
Published By: Haws     Published Date: Aug 02, 2018
When it comes to emergency shower and eyewash equipment, a ten-degree difference could make all the difference. The right water temperature is critical to ensuring medically suitable results for an injured person. Current ANSI Standards (American National Standards Institute) are referenced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when evaluating facilities and mandate a temperature range defined as “tepid.” This is clarified as a 40-degree temperature range for flushing fluids spanning from 60°F to 100°F [16°C to 38°C].
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Published By: Creative Safety Supply     Published Date: Jul 30, 2013
Why 5S? Because it's a system many companies simply can't afford not to execute in their production process. The bottom line benefits are a given, but the improved well being of the company and employees is what makes 5S so valuable to your organization.
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Creative Safety Supply
Published By: Villanova     Published Date: Aug 21, 2009
Based on the Japanese words Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, the 5S philosophy focuses on effective workplace organization and standardized work procedures. 5S simplifies your work environment, reduces waste and non-value activity while improving quality efficiency and safety. Once fully implemented, the 5S process can increase morale, create positive impressions on customers, and increase efficiency and organization.
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lean methods, productivity, efficiency, workforce management, customer service, six sigma, 6 sigma, project management, business management, business process management, bpm, people management, villanova
Published By: Creative Safety Supply     Published Date: Feb 10, 2017
An introduction to the 5S method and practical tips for implementation in any facility.
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Creative Safety Supply
Published By: Creative Safety Supply     Published Date: Jun 08, 2018
An introduction to the 5S method and practical tips for implementation in any facility.
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Creative Safety Supply
Published By: Dynatrace     Published Date: Dec 16, 2015
Today's hyper-connected mobile consumers have high expectations. To compete, you must provide a responsive, superior digital experience. DevOps best practices of Continuous Delivery make this possible, but to do it right you will need a safety net.
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dynatrace, software delivery, digital, performance metrics, mobile consumer
Published By: HotSchedules     Published Date: Apr 25, 2018
Food safety should always be top-of-mind. Even one foodborne illness could put your restaurant out of business. The safety and well-being of your customers are at stake when your team isn’t following proper food safety protocol. This is where employee training becomes essential: your business needs a culture that values food safety. Typically though, food safety training hardly comes off as an exciting topic. But with today’s technology training can be engaging, entertaining, and memorable. This ebook will show you how to breathe new life into your food safety training with seven lessons on making training more impactful.
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Published By: Plex Systems     Published Date: Feb 26, 2014
For Food & Beverage processors an ERP system a must; and a flexible Internet-based solution like Plex ERP brings F & B manufacturers all 8 of the features they must have to meet their health and safety requirements, produce high-quality products, operate efficiently & maximize profitability.”
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cloud, plex, erp, cloud computing, manufacturing, management, best practices, productivity, high level production
Plex Systems
Published By: Vehicle Tracking Solutions     Published Date: May 31, 2018
When implementing an enterprise fleet management and telematics solution, enterprise fleets, large and small, see significant value, cost-savings, and operational excellence that result in maximized profits across your organization's bottom line. This guide will assist you in learning about the wide range of benefits from a dynamic enterprise fleet management and telematics software and the latest features empowering fleets to make data-driven decisions that improve safety, efficiency, and productivity to drive long-term quantifiable success.
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Vehicle Tracking Solutions
Published By: STARLIMS     Published Date: Jun 09, 2014
The laboratory is a strategic asset for your organization. Laboratory data comprises the majority of medical records and is critical for accurate diagnoses. Physicians depend on reliable laboratory result data to deliver optimal care. Efficiency is critical for laboratory success; it enables your lab to ensure patient safety, reduce operating costs and increase revenue. STARLIMS offers clinical laboratories a powerful solution suite, which includes configurable tools to manage complex testing workflows, enforce rules-based actions, promptly format and deliver laboratory results to clinicians by their preferred method, track and route bar-coded specimens within the lab and across the network for more efficiency, as well as distribute and manage bio specimen inventories.
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nfusion, starlims, laboratory, laboratory system, data, strategic, physicians, healthcare, information technology, practice management
Published By: Avetta     Published Date: May 22, 2017
Procurement is a risky business. Procurement managers are responsible for obtaining materials, goods, and services at the lowest reasonable cost—and they are responsible for ensuring that the supplier or vendor reliably provides high-quality goods, in both the present and the future. They must make sure that the organization does not knowingly or unknowingly engage in, support or turn a blind eye to criminal behavior, like bribery. They must negotiate contractual agreements that protect the company against possible disputes, and much more. Add to those responsibilities and risks the expectation that organizations will commit themselves to corporate social responsibility (CSR), embracing business practices that value and account for more than just short-term financial performance. But procurement managers are unlikely to have extensive expertise in EHS issues, so EHS professionals have an important role to play in identifying and mitigating the environmental, health, and safety-relat
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Published By: Extreme Networks     Published Date: Feb 23, 2017
ABI Research’s Securing Medical Devices Technology Analysis Report analyzes the current risks posed by medical devices, noting various security issues, potential vulnerabilities, and the threat landscape. It reviews implementation mechanisms and efforts in medical device cybersecurity and safety. The final section looks at how the healthcare ecosystem is responding to the issues and the vendors driving change.
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abi. healthcare, cybersecurity, medical
Extreme Networks
Published By: Symantec     Published Date: May 02, 2014
Learn more about Symantec’s unique solution to IT environments looking to take full advantage of virtualization.
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symantec, virtual machine backup, backup safety, backup and recovery, server management, data protection, loss data, virtual environment, virtualization
Published By: Okta     Published Date: May 07, 2015
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can be a very polarizing topic for IT. Some view it as a solution that can save money, improve end user satisfaction, and enable remote employees. For others, BYOD represents risk of data leakage, loss of control, and signing up to support an endless ecosystem of unknown devices. No matter what your opinion on BYOD is, the impact on IT policy cannot be overstated. Through 2017, Gartner reports that 90% of organizations will support some aspect of BYOD. Read this eGuide and learn how you can address several new BYOD challenges facing IT.
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byod, okta, mobility, safety, dad, mobility management
Published By: Larson Electronics     Published Date: Mar 17, 2016
EPL plays an essential role in the industrial operations of hazardous locations. More importantly, the use of the lights in confined spaces (a location with limited entry and exit points) help streamline work performed in such areas by greatly reducing risks related to explosive gases, such as propane and methane, and flammable dust particles. This free report aims to highlight the advantages of explosion proof-light emitting diode (LED) lighting in confined spaces. The study expounds on its usage and presence in various industrial sectors, as well as its pri¬mary roles in maintaining safety in the workplace. Learn more by downloading today!
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Larson Electronics
Published By: Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare     Published Date: Oct 14, 2015
While we must continue to emphasize to all members of the care team that they are the front line to preventing errors, taking a systems or holistic approach will greatly assist in making adverse events rarer. Aiding in the implementation of the latter are many companies that provide incident reporting, analysis, and review systems.
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Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare
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